I am a writer and storyteller, passionate about creating captivating stories that touch the hearts of readers. With a background in literature and a love for words, I have written several books that explore various genres and themes.

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Mrs Nelson's Young Writers Award 2018

Mrs Nelson's Young Writers Award 2018
by Sophia Zhong

FIRST PLACE: The True Story Behind Pearl Harbor
By Sophia Zhong
Age 11
Foothill County Day School

The Mrs Nelson's Young Writers Award is a prestigious writing competition that encourages and celebrates the creativity of young writers. This annual award recognizes the outstanding talent and literary skills of students from all over the country. The competition provides a platform for young writers to showcase their unique voices and imaginative storytelling abilities. Participants are invited to submit works of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, and a panel of esteemed judges carefully assesses each entry based on originality, style, and impact. The winners of the Mrs Nelson's Young Writers Award receive not only recognition for their exceptional writing abilities but also valuable prizes and opportunities to further develop their craft. This award serves as a catalyst for young writers to pursue their passion for literature and inspires them to continue to create captivating stories that leave a lasting impact on readers.

The Unforgettable Adventure

Alicia is looking forward to a relaxing summer vacation with her parents. But within the first few days, she realizes her vacation is going to be anything but that. Alicia is spending her vacation in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. On her second day there, she visits the Amazon Museum. As she strolls through the exhibits, a ghost suddenly appears to her. He warns her of an impending attack on the Amazon Zoo, where Alicia’s father works, and tells her she must prevent it. Alicia’s parents are skeptical when she tells them about her encounter. They convince her that the meeting was a product of her imagination, and she believes them… until the ghost appears to her again. When Alicia tries to spread the word, everyone thinks her story is far-fetched. After all, she’s describing an attack on the zoo by “fictional” characters from Greek mythology. Even more unbelievable, she heard the warning from a ghost, and everyone knows ghosts don’t exist! Will Alicia be able to protect her father, save the zoo and salvage her summer vacation?

By Sophia Zhong

Life is a Poem

Sophia Zhong, a talented poet, has achieved a remarkable feat by having her poem published in Barbara Appleby's book titled "Life is a Poem." This achievement is a testament to Sophia's exceptional skills in crafting beautiful and thought-provoking verses. The recognition of her work in such a prestigious publication is a well-deserved acknowledgment of her talent and hard work. Sophia's poem undoubtedly adds a unique and profound perspective to the collection, enriching the overall literary experience for readers. It is truly inspiring to witness the success of young poets like Sophia, as they contribute to the ever-evolving world of poetry and touch the hearts of countless individuals through their words.

Poem by Sophia Zhong

Poem on a Marble Bench

Sophia showcased her talent for poetry as she composed a beautiful poem dedicated to her beloved family members. Her words flowed effortlessly, capturing the essence of love and gratitude. These heartfelt creations left a lasting impression on those who received them, bringing joy and warmth to their hearts. If one were to seek a place where these poems reside in eternal memory, they can be found in the serene surroundings of the Boulder City Veterans cemetery, specifically in Section X. This hallowed ground serves as a tribute to the brave souls who fought for their country, and within this sacred space, Sophia's poem is serving as a reminder of the cherished bond between family members.

By Sophia Zhong

Our love is a pathway that connects the earth and the heavens so come on down and sit with us. Forever in our hearts
-- Your Loving Family

Bold Boulder Interview

Episode 146 w/Sophie Zhong Virtual Student!
Nov 30, 2020

Interview with Sophia Zhong

During the interview on YouTube, the discussion focused on the impact of virtual classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. The participants highlighted the challenges and benefits of remote learning. They emphasized that virtual classes have provided students with the opportunity to continue their education despite the limitations imposed by the global health crisis.